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JEM Contractors, Inc

Boeing Auburn Demo - $90,590


Scope: Excavation, shoring, capping of existing utilities

Work Included: Capping of utilities - fire, domestic water, storm and sewer drains


Contracted by Shinn Mechanical 


Boeing Renton Demo - $80,553


Scope: Capping of all utilities, except power

Work Included: Cap existing water, sewer, gas & fire


Contracted by Iconco


Boeing Kent Aerospace 18-03 - $673,568


Scope: Excavate for and construct a structural concrete retention system for 2 new cooling towers

Work included: Placing a 40' x 30' concrete structure with 2 waterproof retention ponds; flatwork; structural pipe column foundations; architectural screen wall with steel columns, architectural panels and louvers


Contracted by The Boeing Company


Boeing 09-96 AHU Concrete Pads - $82,780


Scope: Installing concrete curbs and pads in three penthouses

Work Included: Demo of existing pads and equipment; install new curbs and equipment pads


Contracted by Shinn Mechanical


Boeing Turnstile and Traffic Improvements - $70,000


Scope: Relocating a turnstile from Building 17-10 to 17-62

Work Included: Form/Pour slabs, curbs, and walkways for the relocated turnstile electrical and controls, install new electrical, controls, and security to new turnstile location


Contracted by The Boeing Company