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JEM Contractors, Inc

Sound Transit King Street Station - $69,200

Scope: Fabrication and Installation of a complete and fully functional horizontal cable fall-restraining system for the canopy over the Sounder platform

Work included: Structural steel installation, engineering, and installing on existing glass canopy


Contracted by Sound Transit

Sound Transit Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel Retrofit & Expansion - $51,250


Scope: Demolition and installation of new steel framing and waterproofing

Work Included: Install structural steel framing at existing radius tunnel walls to enable proper waterproofing and drainage.


Contracted by Fairweather Masonry

Sound Transit Beacon Hill Leak Repairs - $28,297

Scope: Remove and reinstall stainless steel wall; remove and replace GWB ceiling, and remove and install temporary protection wall

Work included: Providing access to existing concrete structures for waterproof repair


Contracted by Centennial Contractors
Sound Transit Auburn Pan Deck & Walkway - $33,063


Scope: Remove and replace concrete elevated deck, drill holes in bottom of walkway for waterproofing

Work included: Removal of existing structural deck on third level of existing stair tower. Replacement of new steel decking and structural concrete.


Contracted by Centennial Contractors

Sound Transit On Call Project Services for C755 - $2,277,700

Scope: Work Order Contract

Work Included: Structural concrete, excavation, road work, signage, metal stud framing, erosion control, and other misc. repairs

Contracted by Sound Transit

Sound Transit Elevator and Escalator Retrofit Package - $1,000,000

Scope: Retrofitting three elevated light rails stations to provide drainage systems in escalator pits, upgrade machine rooms, and UPS rooms to include air conditioning systems
Work Included: Installing pumped drainage systems; steel framing; door installation, installing various concrete SOG

Contracted by Sound Transit

Sound Transit System Wide Site Furnishings - $137,330

Scope: Provide system wide site furnishings including all peripheral tasks, including but not limited to furnishing and installing litter receptacles, ash urns, and benches at Sound Transit Facilities with options of installing  bike racks and skateboarding deterrent items.

Work Included: Supply and installing all furnishings at new facilities


Contracted by Sound Transit

Sound Transit OMF Trailer Relocation - $14,990

Scope: Provide and install approx. 125’ of
trenching for the new side sewer of the relocated 48’ x 60’ and one of the 12’ x 60’ trailers. Excavation includes locates, excavation of 24” in depth, required bedding, and all associated backfill, compaction, and any/all asphalt replacement. In addition – provide and install 100’of trenching for the new water supply for the relocated trailers and 150’ of trenching for new electrical feed. 

Contracted by Centennial Contractors