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JEM Contractors, Inc

Providence Pharmacy Parking Lot Repairs - $473,270

Scope: Demolish and reconstruct approximately 135,000 SF parking lot

Work Includes: Demolition of existing asphalt surfaces creating additional parking spaces and new drive lanes including new elevations, drainage, curbing, and signage.


Contracted by Sabey Construction


Providence Tenant Improvements - $87,342

Scope: Removal and replacement of existing slab. Installation of a new 20' by 30' concrete clean room.

Work Includes: Removal and replacement of a structural slab built on piles. 10" x 12' concrete walls and ceiling to create a structural clean room.


Contracted by Sabey Construction


Sabey Data Centers - Fiber Optic Installation - $75k approx.

Scope: Installation of various fiber optic duct banks ranging from 200'-500'.

Work Includes: Excavation for installation of new fiber optic conduits, excavation of existing live fiber optic duct banks for continuation of new fiber optics, and installation of new fiber optic concrete vaults. Installation of red concrete to protect fiber conduits and restoration to existing conditions.  


Contracted by Sabey Construction



Swedish MS Clinic - $114,029


Scope: Demo and install new structural ADA ramp, wheelchair lift and outdoor rehabilitation center.

Work Includes: Installation of new utilities, new concrete foundations, ramps, and stairways. Installation of steel and wood trellis station. Installation of new walking surfaces including turf, gravel, ramps, and stairways.


Contracted by Sabey Construction