King County Jail Improvements - $444,558

Scope: Structural concrete foundations, demolition of existing mechanical equipment and foundations.

Challenges: Working in a maximum security facility, limited access to pour concrete and dispose of excess materials.


Contracted by Shinn Mechanical


King County Work Order Project - $1,000,000

Scope: Multiple projects ranging from $5k-$100k.

Work Included: Excavation, concrete foundations and flatwork, window replacements, new ADA Ramps and decking, scale repairs, and multiple utility repairs.


Contracted by King County


North Creek Force Mains - $187,998

Scope: Excavate and add additional access points in a 30" force sewer main

Work Included: Excavation to approximately 16' in order to provide access to force main. This included shoring, dewatering, temporary shoring of the force main, structural backfill and restoration.


Contracted by Centennial Contractors


North Creek Cathodic Protection - $66,654

Scope: Excavation and Installation of Cathodic Protection

Work Included: Excavation and restoration of multiple sites for the installation of Cathodic Protection on a 36" Force Main.


Contracted by Centennial Contractors

Brightwater Caustic Tank Addition - $25,947

Scope: Preparation and placing of 22' radius tank foundation

Challenges: working in direct relation to an existing operational caustic acid plant. Forming a large 2' tall radius foundation.


Contracted by Centennial Contractors


WTD ETS Continuity Project - $51,525.00

Scope: Installation of cathodic protection on existing 120" active force main

Challenges: Excavation to 18' below grade within 150' of Duwamish River. Shoring and dewatering major feat.


Contracted by Centennial Contractors


Admin Building Water Leak - $29,547


Scope: Repair waterproofing membrane, fabricate and install flashing and caulking. Replace paving stone  and concrete, which will be sloped away from the building for air tight water proofing

Challenges: Location of work was at the main entrance of the City of Seattle Courthouse so public safety was a priority.


Contracted by Centennial Contractors

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